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Coventry Housing Authority

Coventry Housing Authority serving 195 elderly and disabled households, is often referred to as a community unto itself.” The safety and security of both our residents and our assets has always been a priority with the Housing Authority demonstrated by our preventive maintenance programs, 24-hour on-call service, and our designation by the Department of Housing & Urban Development, as a High Performer.

In our planning process, we discovered an exposed venue of the Authority; namely, what would happen at our Authority in the event of a disaster and how would we pick up the pieces left from such an incident. Realizing this importance, Coventry Housing Authority procured the services of Code Red Business Continuity Services to assist us in providing a thorough assessment of the Authority. We needed to gear the services to our elderly population and how we would serve them in the event of a disaster. Our goal was to encompass communications and training applications to support our Authority with emergency planning, directives for emergency preparedness and ultimate business continuity.

What we received in retaining these services from Code Red was more than we ever thought possible. Through their non-biased, global view of our Agency, we received a comprehensive, non-evasive assessment in order to begin the steps in planning for a disaster. Their team consisted of knowledgeable professionals who made our business, their business. Code Red’s commitment to deadlines kept us on track, which resulted in an inclusive, hands-on planned response to extraordinary situations.

In addition, Code Red’s resources took our Agency out of itself and linked us to vital community resources establishing continuity with the Community Emergency Plan as well as Memorandums of Understanding for services that potentially would become necessary in the event of an emergency.

Code Red far exceeded our expectations for this scope of work, which is almost a rarity in today’s world!

Julie Leddy, Executive Director

PO Box 20224, Cranston, RI 02920